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  • Huge Reach...

    Huge Reach...

    You will dominate the market with commercials that reach more than 65% of the adult population

  • Captive Audience

    Captive Audience

    Drive your message home to a captive audience with programming listeners want to hear. Each sponsorship includes a 25 word "live read" commercial inside our traffic reports

  • Trusted Endorsements

    Trusted Endorsements

    Your commercial message is delivered live by broadcast personalities who are well known and trusted

  • Peak Listening Hours

    Peak Listening Hours

    Every commercial airs during peak listening times from 6-9am and 3-6pm Monday - Friday. That means you get the best possible value for your advertising dollar

  • Advertise on all Top Radio Stations

    Advertise on all Top Radio Stations

    Your commercial will air on over 20 top radio stations in the Knoxville Market. Just one phone call or email and the SkyWatch marketing staff will help you tailor your message to produce the greatest impact

  • It Works!

    It Works!

    Over 90% of our first time advertisers renew their sponsorship. Why? Because we deliver results!

These Advertisers trust Knoxville Radio Advertising, You Can Too

A huge impact, positive feedback, name awareness and measurable results!
Mary Phillips
Mary Phillips
Ripleys Gatlinburg
Shoney's has advertised with Pete Michaels for almost 20 years to promote our locally owned Shoney's Restaurants. I love the way Pete Michaels sometimes "ad-libs", adding his own personality. We trust him to promote our restaurants and believe that he is a reputable spokesperson for our family restaurant. We will continue to use his services for years to come
Bill Baugh
Bill Baugh
Shoney's Restaurants
Pete Michaels has been an integral part of our marketing strategy for more than 25 years and an invaluable asset to our business.
Lee Sloan
Lee Sloan
National Fitness

    Some of the Radio Stations your Message will be Heard on